Brazil not ready for World Cup: Romario

Brazil won't be "100 percent ready" to host the 2014 World Cup, as work on two of the stadiums won't be completed in time, former World Cup winner Romario said in an interview published yesterday.

Former Brazil ace Romario

"I think that (Brazil) won't be 100 percent ready. Of the 12 stadiums (that are to stage World Cup events) maybe 10 will be ready," the retired football star said in his interview with the magazine Istoe, which was carried on social networks.

"As to work on public transportation, none of the cities involved will be able to complete it fully," said Romario, now a lawmaker with Brazil's Socialist Party.

He also warned that the total cost to stage the World Cup could jump from an estimated $44 billion to $55.5 billion. Brazil is racing to build or renovate 12 stadiums in time for the 2014 event with Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo pledging that work will be completed before time.

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