Cricket Australia (CA) chief James Sutherland  said yesterday that allegations made in a London court implicating Australian players in match-fixing were baseless claims made by a person of "dubious repute".

James Sutherland

In recordings played to Southwark Crown Court, an agent, Mazhar Majeed, alleged that Australians were prepared to fix parts of matches. "These comments or allegations would appear to be outlandish and were made by a person of dubious repute," Sutherland said.

Majeed also alleged that Australian players would fix "brackets", a set period of a match on which punters bet.
The CA boss said that he would contact the International Cricket Council (ICC) and investigate if there was "one skerrick of credible evidence".

"The ICC attend every  international match with their corruption unit and there is nothing I have heard to suggest that there are  players who are of interest to them. "If there is any issue or there is any concern, we will investigate them. If we charge players and we find them guilty we will have no qualms about issuing a life sentence on players who are found guilty of match-fixing."