England coach Fabio Capello, who is known for his tough regimen, will allow his players to enjoy themselves off the field at Euro 2012 as long as they are performing on the pitch.

Capello said he doesn't mind if England players emulate the antics of their rugby-playing counterparts.

"Everything when you win is good, the perfect choice, the best choice if you drink or go with women. When you lose, it's a disaster. The results are the most important thing," said Capello.

Capello's comments are bound to stir considerable debate in a sport that has endured all manner of refuelling issues, although not so many recently, The Telegraph reports.

The FA has been seeking a more relaxed atmosphere at tournaments after the players went stir crazy in Rustenburg at the 2010 World Cup.

Officials have already looked at city-centre bases for England in Warsaw and Krakow for next summer, believing that easily bored players need to be kept busy.