Caroline Wozniacki reveals her 'daddy issues'

Danish tennis star narrates a fun incident highlighting her father's over-protective yet lovable nature

Fathers tend to be a tad too over-protective about their darling daughters and often overlook all else in the bargain. And all fathers are the same, no matter how rich or famous.

Caroline Wozniacki with her father and coach Piotr. Pic/Getty Images
Caroline Wozniacki with her father and coach Piotr. Pic/Getty Images 

Recently, former World No 1 tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki gave an example of just this. It so happened that the Danish tennis star's phone stopped working for some reason and she informed her father and coach Piotr about it.

Daddy's little girl
However, later when the two met, Piotr asked her why she hadn't answered a previous text message he had sent her. Wozniacki narrated this incident in a recent Twitter post.

"Me: Dad my phone doesn't work, so let's meet in the hotel lobby at 1. My dad later in the lobby: I texted u earlier why didn't you answer," wrote Wozniacki.

Twenty-four-year-old Wozniacki is the youngest child of Piotr and Anna both professional sportspersons.

While Piotr played tennis, her mum Anna was a volleyball player. Wozniacki's elder brother Patrick is a professional footballer.

Meanwhile, she has been pretty busy off court recently with the launch of her signature line of chocolates from Godiva named 'Sweet Caroline'.

Female entrepreneurs
She isn't the first female tennis star to enter the business of sweets though. Russian champ Maria Sharapova is a pioneer in the field having her own multi-million dollar candy brand Sugarpova running successfully worldwide.

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