Catch adaptations of a classic novel and Greek myth by students

Feb 07, 2017, 10:04 IST | The Guide Team

A night in a lock-up, where Holden Caulfield engages in a conversation with the jailor, JD Salinger, is how a theatrical adaptation of Salinger's 1951 classic The Catcher In The Rye will be staged at Zest!, the youth theatre initiative of the NCPA. Written and directed by Sasha Mahuli, a final year student of English Literature at St Xavier's College, The Holden Caulfield Phenomenon was part of Ithaka, the English department's theatre and literary festival. The play is a prelude to the novel's actual plot.

Scenes from Elysium Lost
Scenes from Elysium Lost

"It is about how the book came to be rather than what it contains. Holden is an aspiring author.

The story revolves around his relationship with his characters," shares Mahuli.

Another play from the festival to be staged today is an adaptation of the myth of the Greek goddess, Persephone. Called Elysium Lost, it has been written and directed by Sunaina Menezes, an SYBA student.

"It is about Persephone's journey from the chilling depths of the Underworld to the human world," says Mahuli.

ON: Today, 6.30 pm onwards
AT: Godrej Dance Theatre, NCPA.
CALL: 22824567
COST: Rs 250

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