After postponing the announcement of its Std X results by a day, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced them at 2 pm yesterday. With a pass percentage of 97.32 all over India and a staggering 99.46 in Maharashtra, most schools witnessed a rise in the number of students scoring above 90%, which is a Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) of 9 and above.

None of the schools in the city, however, could get the marks of their students yesterday due to server troubles. While the central board had decided to do away with marks (percentages) and opt for a CGPA-based system in 2010 itself, it reveals the marks of students in Maharashtra.

As per the rules put in place by the state education department, a student can apply to junior colleges only by updating his marks, not grades. Therefore, every year, schools in the state receive the marks of their students on the day of the results.

This year, however, the server allegedly kept crashing, ensuring that schools and students will have to wait for a day or two to receive the information. “Even during the Std XII results, the board sent the total marks and percentages of all our students only a day after the results were declared online.

As per the information that the board has sent, 42 of our students scored a 10 CGPA (95% and above) while 75 others had a CGPA between 9 and 10 (between 90 and 95%),” said Avnita Bir, principal of R N Podar High School in Santacruz (West).

According to the data shared by the board, 94,474 students across the country scored a perfect 10 CGPA, whereas in the Chennai region (under which Maharashtra falls), 15,471 students managed to get the perfect grade.

Admission woes
“We were surprised to not get the students’ scores, especially after struggling for a long time with the server, which crashed several times. We then checked with other schools and were told that everyone was having the same problem,” said Suruchi Kataria, principal of DAV High School, Airoli.

She added that the school had done well and the number of students scoring 90% and above had increased. While schools have assured students that their marks will be released soon, students are worried about not being able to apply to junior colleges.

“Those who want to continue in CBSE schools have nothing to worry about, but if we want to apply for junior colleges, we will have to submit our marks in every subject. Hopefully, the board will send the marks to the schools soon so that we can begin the online junior college admissions process,” said Siddhant Sukumaran, a Std X student of a CBSE school in Thane. Officials from the board remained unavailable for comments till late last evening.