Now, city to pay Rs 74.44 per litre, which is Rs 3 more than rest of the country; fourth fuel hike in the past 10 months will also spike cost of daily commodities

Even as the entire country has erupted in protest against yet another petrol price hike, the fourth since December 2010, Bangloreans are the loudest of the lot.

With the Union Oil Ministry increasing petrol cost by Rs 3.14 per litre, city motorists will now have to shell out Rs 74.44, while their counterparts in Mumbai and Chennai will be paying Rs 71.47 and Rs 70.77, respectively.

People throng a petrol pump after the increase in fuel prices
was announced in the city yesterday. The new rate was
implemented from midnight onwards

So why do Bangaloreans have to pay around Rs 3 more than what people in Mumbai and Chennai shell out? 

The Karnataka government levies higher taxes on different heads, including sales tax on petroleum products, thus forcing people to pay more for fuel.

Left high and dry
The latest hike will have a direct effect on the transportation cost of commodities that will eventually disturb the common man's budget.

"It is absolutely shocking to note that Bangaloreans are paying the highest petrol rates in the country.
Being the IT capital of the country, it is assumed that Bangaloreans will always be ready to shell out more," said C Srinivasan, city-based professional, who commutes on his two-wheeler to work every day.

Suggesting a sustained people's agitation against the arbitrary hike in fuel prices, he said, "A mass movement should be launched and both central and state governments should be taken to task for such an atrocious and arbitrary price hike," added Srinivasan.

In May, the central government had increased the petrol rates in Bangalore by Rs 5.47 per litre, scaling the rates to Rs 71.10 per litre, the highest in the country.

"When compared to the other states, Karnataka has the highest rates, as the state sales tax rates are really high as well," said M G Prabhakar, Energy Secretary, Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FKCCI).

The recent price hike would not only add to the burden of the common man, but will also add to the miseries of industries.

Price pinch
Current Petrol Rates (after recent hike by Rs 3.14)
Bangalore        Rs 74.44
Mumbai           Rs 71.47
Chennai           Rs 70.77
Kolkata            Rs 70.85
Delhi               Rs 66.51