After MiD DAY's report on January 28, the long wait for birth certificates of their adopted daughters is over

In India, often lots of life's little joys are sucked dry by the bane of tedious paperwork.  Now, at least two Andheri-based families can breathe easy.

Anand Shirali with the birth certificate of his adopted
daughter, which he received yesterday

After the MiD DAY report on January 28 ('Post-adoption birth pangs'), Anand Shirali got the birth certificate of his adopted daughter on Friday and Steve Fernandes (name changed on request) will be getting the all-important document for his child today.

MiD DAY had reported last week how the two families were running from pillar to post for the birth certificates of their adopted daughters.

Shirali got the custody of his little girl on January 24 last year and also submitted the legal documents necessary to get the birth certificate. But he was made to do the rounds of the BMC Andheri K-West ward by the officials there, who claimed initially they had lost the dossier and later that they were overworked.
Same was the case was with Fernandes, whose documents were also 'lost' and later 'found' by the BMC officials while processing the birth certificate of his daughter. Fernandes has had to wait about four months for the birth certificate, which usually takes a week to generate.

"I am extremely grateful to MiD DAY for the timely help and I am very sure that this endeavour will go a long way in helping many more parents getting birth certificates for their adopted kids without hassle," said Shirali.

"I went last Saturday to collect the certificate, but unfortunately since it was the fourth Saturday of the month (a holiday) I could not get it. But they have asked me to collect it on February 4 from the department," said Fernandes.