Charlize Theron won't have more kids

Apr 13, 2016, 08:04 IST | PTI

Los Angeles: Actress Charlize Theron feels blessed to raise four-year-old Jackson and baby August, who is adopted last July, but has no plans to add to her brood.

Chalize Theron
Chalize Theron. Pic/Santa Banta

The actress said she is not even willing to add a pet. "Both of my hands are really full right now. I think I'm good for now. My son is like, 'Let's get a cat,' and I'm like, 'No! No! No more things that need to be fed! We're slowing down," she told Entertainment Tonight.

The 40-year-old beauty feels very "lucky" to have two "amazing" children.

"There's not one moment where I don't realise how unbelievably lucky I have it. They're little gems, they really are. They're amazing."

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