Followers of the Good Book have now demanded a ban on another, more controversial book that claims Jesus Christ was a Tamil Hindu.

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A Maharashtra NGO approached the chief minister’s office on the matter the day after mid-day broke the news that Ganesh Savarkar’s 1946 book ‘Christ Parichay’ is to be relaunched on February 26.

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A delegation from the United Christian Council, led by Reverend Sanjay Londhe, submitted a memorandum to the chief minister’s office, demanding that the book be banned because it hurts the religious sentiments of the Christian community. The council includes several Christian associations from across Maharashtra.

Londhe said that they would like to know that if Jesus was a Hindu then why some Hindu organisations were against the Church. “They should not burn churches and attack Christians,” he told mid-day.

At a press conference yesterday, the Congress also weighed in on the controversy and questioned the timing of the book’s release. “It appears to be deliberate. They want to create confusion among the Indian masses. They must stop it,” party spokesperson Sachin Sawant said.