An international Colombo-Dubai flight had to be diverted to Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) on Tuesday and make an emergency landing due to a medical emergency onboard the plane.

35-year-old Uwaisa Mohideen Pichchai Abdul Raseedu, a female Sri Lankan citizen, who was traveling from Colombo to Madina via Dubai on the Fly Dubai FZ551 flight, fell unconscious forced the flight to be diverted to CSIA and landed in Mumbai at 10.50 am.

The MIAL medical team rushed to the spot and attended to the passenger, giving her emergency medical aid. The doctors on duty said that the patient was suffering from convulsions and needed immediate medical care. Raseedu was then shifted to Seven Hills Hospital for further treatment where she was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit.

The attending doctor said the patient was stable as of now.