Cops never told Muslim youth to go to Pakistan: Eyewitnesses

Two eyewitnesses who were present at Bandra police station at the time of the incident have testified against the youth; say he was abusive and assaulted cops

The Muslim youth, Asif Sheikh (19), who was allegedly beaten up by the Bandra police and asked to go to Pakistan on October 17, has been giving nightmares to the staff at Bhabha Hospital in Bandra where he is currently admitted for treatment.

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The hospital has written to the police saying that Asif is not leaving the hospital even though he has completely recovered
The hospital has written to the police saying that Asif is not leaving the hospital even though he has completely recovered

The hospital has written over three letters to the police saying that Asif is not leaving the hospital even after he has completely recovered. Further, political leaders have been creating a nuisance in the hospital by gathering around Asif.

The allegation made by Asif that the police officials asked him to leave for Pakistan has also been proved false. Two Muslim men, who were present in the police station at the time of the incident, have testified against the boy.

The police said in their report that the boy punched an inspector and kicked two constables of the Bandra police station and used abusive language against the cops.

A senior police officer of Bandra police station said on condition of anonymity, “The boy was assaulted by the cops after he went out of control and assaulted an officer and constables and was using abusive language. Action will be taken against the cops who assaulted him as well.”

The incident
Last Saturday, Asif Sheikh and his friend Danish Sheikh were picked up outside actor Salman Khan’s apartment due to a scuffle. When police reached the spot, Asif kicked a constable after which he was taken to Bandra police station.

A police officer said, “In the police station, Asif started using abusive language against police officials. When inspector Kedar Pawar went to calm him down, Asif punched him and kicked another constable.” Later, Asif told the media that an officer told him to go to Pakistan, calling him an agent.

The two eyewitnesses to the incident told cops in the inquiry, “We were in the police station half an hour before the incident, for registering an FIR.

When the youth was brought to the police station, he was shouting at the cops and he even hit them. The cops never told him to go to Pakistan; if they had, we would have been the first to complain against the police.”

Political presence
After the incident Asif got himself admitted to Bhabha Hospital where political leaders are making a beeline to visit him. A hospital employee said, “Every day several political party activists visit Asif in the hospital.

They pressurise us not to discharge Asif. They bring the media and NGOs to make a big scene and they threaten us with protests and demonstrations if we don’t allow anyone inside.”

Medical Superintendent P Jadhav of Bhabha Hospital told mid-day, “The boy (Asif) completely recovered three days back and we have written a few letters to the police informing them.” He added, “There is lot of political pressure on us. We will discharge him on Monday, as he is fit and fine.”



  • bhatti sagheer28-Oct-2015

    it is not possible sameer gilani

  • Sameer Gilani28-Oct-2015

    Police should have registered FIR against the said boy the moment he assaulted the police and should recorded the whole ruckus he created at the police station. In this manner police would have prevented the whole controversy and once FIR would have been filed the boy who was creating so called nuisance would have got lesson of his life. But alas police avoided the right procedure and got caught in controversy.

  • shyam26-Oct-2015

    what sort of tamasha is going on. deal with him as per law and not bow to pressure by sicular parties.

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