David, Victoria Beckham don't fight in front of kids?

Jul 11, 2015, 12:45 IST | PTI

London: Former soccer star David Beckham and wife Victoria reportedly make sure they do not argue in front of their children to protect them from negative influences.

The couple, married for 16 years now, is cautious about conducting themselves properly in front of their four kids, reported Female First.

David, Victoria Beckham don't fight in front of kids?David and Victoria Beckham. Pic/AFP

"David and Victoria both need to be strong as a couple to raise the kids so they're happy and healthy. They're also very mindful that if they bicker, the children will too.

"So they encourage everyone to be thoughtful, kind, and look after each other - just like they do," a source said.

David and Victoria are apparently each other's best friend and that is said to be the key to their lasting relationship.

"They're best friends They've become so close over the years that neither one can imagine living their life without the other, and I think it's changed them both for the better."

"I think they've both realised they can only trust, rely and count on each other. And that's their biggest secret really - they can still make each other laugh after years of being together."

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