Dog mercilessly thrown off terrace in Chennai found alive

The dog, which was thrown off a rooftop in Chennai, has been found alive. An animal right activist confirmed the same by posting a picture with the dog. The video of the shameless incident went viral.

Shravan Krishnan, the activist, posted the image on his Facebook page, and wrote, “What breaks my heart is that she was still wagging her tail.”

Earlier, the extremely disturbing video of a man flinging the dog off a terrace in Chennai was being circulated on WhatsApp and social media sending shock waves across India with not only animal lovers but everyone sharing it and demanding action against the culprit.

Graphic video! Viewers discretion is advised.

Chennai dog
The man holds the dog by his neck

The video starts with a man holding a small dog by the neck and back and balancing him on the edge of the roof. What is more disturbing is the fact that the man, later identified as a medical student from Chennai is smiling at the camera the whole time.

He then mercilessly drop the whimpering dog, who falls on to the ground howling and yelping in pain while the student gets sadistic pleasure out of it.

Chennai dog
The man then flings the poor helpless dog./Screengrab of the video

The student has been identified as a final year MBBS student Gautham Sudarshan and the friend who videographed the whole incident has been identified as Ashish Pal.

Gauri Mulekhi (Animal Rights Activist) said, "This man is a psychopath, should be put behind bars."

Chennai dog

"When we saw the video, we were shocked. It was a barbaric act and the perpetrator and abettor must be punished by law," animal welfare activist Antony Clement Rubin, who lodged the complaint along with other activists said.

Kundrathur Police confirmed that an FIR was registered against Gautham Sudarshan and Ashish Pal under provisions of IPC and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act adding they are on the look out for the accused.

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  • ajaykumar06-Jul-2016

    Give that Dog a chance to throw those "Two Bastards" of that same roof.. Let those two Bastards know the pain the dog went through....

  • BABU06-Jul-2016

    MBBS final year is preparing for PG studies in which he is trying to find if like a CAT can DOG land on its feet while falling from the height and whether the DOG have well developed 8th Cranial nerve.I fing the dog landed on its feet and proved the theory good and doctor is succesful.Many dogs have been sent to space etc so the future holds good ,if he is not allowed to do his medical he might become a politician and more dangerous.

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