'Don't take your top off to prove your love'

Jun 20, 2016, 06:00 IST | Dr. Love

Q. My boyfriend wants me to send him a topless selfie. I am not comfortable with this at all. He says I should do it to prove how much I love him. What do I do?
A. Your boyfriend is a moron. If you have to take your top off to show him that you love him, I suggest you dump him and find a normal boyfriend who makes no such absurd demands. The Internet thrives on photographs of women who took their tops off to show their boyfriends how much they loved them. Don’t be one of those women. And, while dumping this guy,
do inform him that what he wants you to do can get him arrested for harassment, if you ever decide to file a complaint.

Q. A year ago, I met someone who I thought was my soulmate. We get along really well, but also tend to fight at times. Is this normal?

A. Is it normal for two human beings to fight? Not at all. We are the most peaceful living beings on this planet. As for this notion of ‘soulmates’ never fighting, we aren’t discussing super beings; we’re discussing two people who live together and never find something to disagree upon. This will never happen. Every relationship has its share of good and bad times. To deal with life as a couple is to confront and deal with situations that may, at times, lead to anger, doubt or anxiety. It’s normal to feel these things. You must also keep in mind the fact that two people in a relationship are also growing constantly, each at a different pace. Each of you has a set of priorities or goals that may be different from the other. The interesting thing about being ‘soulmates’, if that is indeed what you claim you are, is how disagreements can help you understand each other better, until you get to a point where you no longer need to disagree.

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