'I think my boyfriend is cheating on me'

Feb 21, 2017, 06:00 IST | Dr Love

Should I trust my instinct and ditch my boyfriend who, I suspect, is cheating on me, or should I give him the benefit of doubt and continue with this relationship?

I'm afraid I don't know how to respond to that, considering you haven't pointed out what this instinct is based upon.

I am a 34-year old widow. My child goes to school by bus. At the bus stop where every parent waits for the bus, I recently met a man, also a widower, in his early forties. We got to know each other over time. He used to compliment me on my looks and dressing very often. Recently, he has begun cracking double meaning jokes and has become very touchy-feely. I have felt his fingers caressing me. I used to ignore it at first, but he recently told me he was attracted to me physically. I was stunned and shocked to hear this, but ignored it as just a joke. A few days ago, he called me to his place for coffee, an invitation to which I didn't respond. What do I do? I am confused. I don't know if he has seriously invited me just for coffee. — Reshmi D

This is obviously a lonely, possibly frustrated man. I don't see what the problem is. If you're contemplating a cup of coffee with him, it's safe to assume you don't entirely disapprove of the attention he gives you. If you hate his jokes, you can simply tell him to stop. If he touches you inappropriately, you have the option of having him arrested. If, on the other hand, there is a part of you that wants to take this further, you also have the option of meeting him for coffee in a public place, where he can't do anything other than chat with you. It's up to you, to be honest. Why not simply come out with how you feel and have a chat like adults?

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