'Dream Girl' co-stars Nikita Dutta and Shraddha Arya not getting along?

Apr 08, 2015, 15:30 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Nikita Dutta and Shraddha Arya, who play leads in 'Dream Girl', are apparently not able to gel well with each other.

A source says, "Shraddha's role is bit bigger in the show since she is a lead and Nikita is relatively a new comer. Initially things were fine between them and they were cordial with each other. However, Nikita feels that she has not been getting enough importance off screen like Shraddha. There has been a quite a few instances when they have taken break at a same time just for the sake of it and unit had to wait for them for quite some time. If Nikita sees that Shraddha is about to call it a day, she also does same thing and vice versa."

'Dream Girl' co-stars Nikita Dutta and Shraddha Arya not getting along?
'Dream Girl' co-stars Nikita Dutta and Shraddha Arya

It is said that some of the crew members have tried to solve this issue, but their efforts have went in vain. A source says, "Shraddha too has her set of rules, she doesn't like to get disturbed when she has taken a lunch break. So she refuses to interact with media. Few days ago, we had some mediapersons on the shoot and instead of Shraddha this time, Nikita told crew members that she will only come out of her room once she is done with her lunch. So Shraddha came to their rescue and she completed the interaction with media."

Both Nikita and Shraddha denied the buzz and stated, "We get along quite well and people cannot accept it."

Producer Sumeet Mittal remained unavailable for comment.

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