Drunken Russian official fired for jumping out of window

A Russian official has been sacked for jumping out of the office window while drunk.

Alexander Vatrushkin worked with the Investigative Committee in Ulyanovsk, around 750 km east of Moscow. The committee head ordered his dismissal following an inquiry into the incident that took place last week at the committee office in Ulyanovsk.

Last week, the committee's central office sent a team to Ulyanovsk to look into reports of botched investigations by local officials. Vatrushkin reportedly climbed out of a first floor window during the team's visit but was detained outside the building and brought back in by people who came to lodge complaints.

This was not the first incident involving drunken law enforcement officials. Last year, a video appeared online of a police official in the northern Leningrad region only in his underwear and urinating on the door of his own office. The officer was fired along with the colleague who leaked the footage.

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