DUSU supports Daulat Ram students

On Monday, MiD DAY had reported that students were frisked while entering hostel, their rooms had no latches, and the warden had confiscated their mobile phones and laptops

Just two days after MiD DAY reported about students protesting against being frisked at Daulat Ram College hostel, and their phones and laptops being confiscated, the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) has come out in opposition of the college rules.

Enough! On Saturday, students had held a protest outside the hostel
gates at Daulat Ram College in New Delhi. File pic

DUSU executive councillor Roshita Yadav said, "If the university does not take any action soon, we will go out and protest against the college. A woman of the 21st century should not be restricted like this. It reflects their backwardness and we will not tolerate it at all."

MiD DAY was the first one to report about the issue on November 8. The students had claimed that they were bodily frisked, while their rooms were checked frequently at odd hours. In protest, the students had not returned to their rooms till late hours on Saturday evening. Students also alleged they have no latches in their rooms, and the warden does not behave properly with them.

DUSU members met hostel warden Sushma Tandon in person today, who assured them that all demands will be fulfilled and the rooms will be fitted with latches.

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