Election commissioner gets election fever!

Neela Satyanarayan was diagnosed with an infection in her lung, but got herself discharged after a few hours of treatment, citing the urgency of her official duties in the countdown to the civic body elections  

Keeping tabs on unruly and errant politicians who take childlike pleasure in breaking rules appears to have finally taken its toll on the woman who has been burning the midnight oil to make sure that the elections go off smoothly. The State Election Commissioner Neela Satyanarayan was admitted to KEM hospital yesterday, to undergo some quick treatment for fever and infection. 

All's not well: State Election Commissioner Neela Satyanarayan was
put on IV antibiotics and was discharged soon at KEM Hospital yesterday

The bugs couldn't have launched a more ill timed attack on Satyanarayan. Just days later, the state will go into polls for the coveted BMC and nine other corporations in the state. And it is Satyanarayan who is at the helm of all affairs. 

On Saturday morning, Satyanarayan was rushed to KEM Hospital with complains of breathlessness and relentless coughing. Examining her, doctors diagnosed a patch in her lung, which is a sign of infection.

Satyanarayan had been suffering from a severe cough and fever for the past few days, but her duties have prevented her from seeking treatment.

Doctors at the hospital advised Satyanarayan to get herself admitted to the hospital immediately. But keeping her pressing pre-election responsibilities in mind, she sought a hasty discharge after agreeing to be kept under observation for a few hours.

Doctors at the hospital said that she was put on IV antibiotics, and was discharged soon after.

Confirming Satyanarayan's admission to KEM hospital, Dr Milind Nadkar, professor of Medicine at the hospital, said, "She is stable and has already been discharged. We gave her the necessary treatment."

When contacted, Dean of KEM hospital, Dr Sanjay Oak, said, "I am in Nagpur for a lecture and am not aware about her condition."

When MiD DAY contacted the commissioner, she replied in a message, "Winter cold. I went to take quick treatment to be back in action for the elections. Thanks."

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