England camp needs a beer and brawl: Warne

The former Australia spinner suggested Pietersen and captain Andrew Strauss should do whatever it takes to sort out their differences — even if that means having a punch-up.

“From a leadership point of view, I think England have let him down. You have to also understand that some players are a little bit different and need different things,” said Warne.

“It shouldn’t have got to this. Pietersen and Strauss could have gone down to the pub and had a beer and feed, and if they had to punch the absolute whatever out of each other, then so be it.

“If you have to get it out of your system then do it. Then come back and put your arm around each other and walk out and play together.”

Warne believes the England team’s strict approach had conflicted with Pietersen’s character. “There are faults on both sides. I think there is a bit too much ego at the ECB. There is no give and take or compromise.”

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