Esther Anuhya murder case: Parking attendants at LTT identify accused

They hadn’t recognised Sanap in CCTV grabs, but when he was presented to them in person, they confirmed seeing him on the morning of January 5, riding off on his bike, with a woman riding pillion

Attendants manning the parking lots outside Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) identified Esther Anuhya murder accused Chandrabhan Sanap, when he was taken back to the spot. These parking attendants will now be roped in as witnesses, investigators have revealed.

Esther Anuhya Chandrabhan Sanap
Esther Anuhya and Chandrabhan Sanap

A Crime Branch officer said, requesting anonymity, “When we were roaming about at LTT hunting for leads, these attendants couldn’t recognise his face from the CCTV footage. But when we took Sanap back to the spot in person and asked them, they confirmed that they had seen Sanap on a motorbike, taking a young woman with him.”

The police have now added sections 376 (rape), 397 (robbery or dacoity, with attempt to cause death) and 364 (kidnapping) of the IPC to sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information to screen offender) that they had applied earlier. Investigating teams are looking hard for the laptop that the accused claims he flung out of a train, as that would be prime evidence.



  • Ajay07-Mar-2014

    Taxi and auto drivers enters in the railway primises and pursue and follows passengers, this is also one of reason for such incident.

  • najib08-Mar-2014

    I salute the Mumbai Police Great job !!

  • Sri09-Mar-2014

    Don't praise Mumbai police so soon. The father and her relatives had to run from pillar to post to register even a case of missing person. Initially the police disrespectfully told them that she could have eloped with someone. They also did not search for her at all and it was father & relatives who searched Mumbai to find the body. And then the father met Home Minister Shinde, only then the investigation was done well. This is Mumbai police for you.

  • Vinny08-Mar-2014

    Maher and Ritesh, I dont hhink you guys know the entiry of the story. Mumbai police has not done much in this case particularly the railway police. The body was found by esther's relatives and the accused was tracked by a porter. I cant give any kudos to the police in this case.

  • Brendon Dsouza08-Mar-2014


  • Ritesh Singh07-Mar-2014

    I totally agree to Maher. I am just shocked about the reactions of some of the readers here on seeing the first information of the accuse being nabbed by the police. Imagine a case without any firm clues, misguiding leads, unclear CCTV footage... yet they solved it and we must appreciate that.

  • Maher07-Mar-2014

    I have been following this sad story online since it was published in Mid-day. Though I'm from a different country,but I'm glad that the murderer is in the police custody now. Though it took time to crack the case,but one must praise the tireless efforts of Mumbai Police.

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