Get the mane attention
“Dare to go short with your hair like actresses Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin.

Whether it’s celebrity musicians Justin Bieber or Rihanna (below), the undercut seems to be ruling the hair trend charts this seasons. Pics/Getty

You can play around with short hair too by layering, a fringe (like Hathaway) or buzz the sides, about two inches from your ear, and the nape of your neck so you have hair off your neck for summer. You can do this with long hair too, this cut works for both men and women.

Men can try with longer hair on the top, which can be styled according to the occasion.

David Beckham and other footballers popularised the undercut and buzzed hair among men. Pics/getty

If you are young you can have it coming on your forehead like the boyband singers. For work you can slick it back with some product,” says Avani.

Now is a good time to cut your hair short as it will grow back till winter sets in, which is also the festive and wedding season in India.

Gul Panag works the short hair look with Indian wear by adding a lot of volume to the hair. PicC/Satyajit Desai

We might not be a fan of singer Miley Cyrus’ shenanigans, but she does look good with the undercut.

While we love the undercut on men, for those who love their hair long, she suggests a visit to the salon to get a lot of layers so your hair doesn’t weigh you down.

For longer hair, add a lot of layers like Deepika Padukone, which will help avoid the weighed down look.

Undercuts can be strong for some face structures, so for a softer look, try a fringe like Anne Hathaway.

Avani suggests that the pixie crop became popular as it worked for women of all ages.

The short hair look works for women of all ages. Even Pamela Anderson chopped her tumbling blonde locks! Pic/AFP

How to give your hair an edge
There are several ways in which you can play around with your hair and create different looks every day. “Try playing with neon or gold pins to add some pop to your hair. You can even tie a scarf around the bun or your ponytail for both protecting you hair and some fun.

(above) Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o makes short hair look pretty with a band; (below) for longer hair, experiment with braiding.

You can also add some feathers to your hair,” suggests Shetty. Avani suggests trying out different kinds of braids for those with long hair, “Instead of a regular french braid, you can do it from side to side. This will keep the hair off your neck and look great too,” she says. One can use UV protection sprays too.

The man bun
If women are borrowing men’s hairstyles why should men be behind? Here are a few cool tips if you want to be Mr Long Locks:

With hair like that, Academy Award winner Jared Leto is a sure winner. Get a man bun on like Leto does. Pic/AFP

or shorter hair, try Ranveer Singh’s pony, it even goes well with a suit! Pic/Satyajit Desai

>> If you have long hair, tie them up in a bun, it could be high on your head or low if you have shorter hair.
>> Don’t borrow your girlfriend’s or your mother’s shampoo; buy a brand that suits your hair type and be proud of your locks.
>> “For long hair, don’t be in the ‘either-or’ mode where the length of your hair is not defined. Get your hairdresser to cut it right so they don’t look messy in the wrong way,” advises Avani.
>> Shetty suggests using one’s fingers to comb long hair rather than combing too much in the harsh Indian summer.