England's bosses will not fly the players' wives and girlfriends (WAGs) to Miami in June to prepare for their 2014 World Cup campaign in Brazil.

Colleen Rooney. Pic/Imagelibrary/EPA
Colleen Rooney. Pic/Imagelibrary/EPA 

According to the Daily Express, England's manager Roy Hodgson, "has had a rethink on allowing wives and girlfriend to officially travel to America at the start of June when England will play Ecuador and Honduras in their final warm-up games before heading onto the finals in Brazil."

Hodgson said before last month's friendly against Denmark that families would be allowed to travel. Now there seems to be a U-turn.

The report added: "He (Hodgson) wants to focus solely on football and knows the games in Miami's Sunlife Stadium on June 4 and 7 respectively will be crucial for putting in place the blueprint for when England kick-off their World Cup campaign against Italy in Manaus on June 14.

"There is no ban on the WAGs travelling to Miami, but they would have to do so independent of the Football Association (FA) and in the knowledge that England's players have a hectic schedule and may have little down-time. A similar arrangement is in place for the World Cup itself with the FA not organising travel for families."