Fans taunt underperforming Roma players with carrots

Dec 02, 2015, 07:54 IST | AFP

Rome: Roma supporters infuriated by their team's faltering form let the players know how they feel yesterday by presenting them with carrots. Around 50 supporters turned up at the Trigoria training ground with boxes of the vegetable.

A banner helped to explain the coded meaning of the unusual gift: "Bon Appetit Rabbits," it read. In Italian, the word for rabbit, "coniglio", is synonymous with coward.

Roma's coach Rudi Garcia is under pressure after a 1-6 thrashing by Barcelona in the Champions League was followed by a 0-2 defeat to Atalanta on Sunday.

But the symbolism of the Roma fans' action was arguably flawed: rabbits don't eat carrots and it is only thanks to cartoon character Bugs Bunny that they are thought to be keen on the vegetable.

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