Finally, a shirt that fits

Jan 06, 2015, 07:53 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Size has always been an issue for me. Especially when it comes to shirts. They were either big or too big. I am not sure, whether there’s some sort of conspiracy against short and thin people, but a majority of the retailers (including brands) don’t seem to like small-sized clothes; they either skip the size entirely or have very limited numbers of it.


The only option left was getting a shirt stitched to my size, but having run into some really troubling and itchy fabric from local options, and the hassle behind it, I gave up on this route as well. I went back to wearing shirts that didn’t fit me at all.

Recently, I came across an online customised clothing store, called Vitruvien. They promise quality stitching with high-quality fabrics, and if it doesn’t fit you they redo the fitting for free.

The website provides some handy tips to measure your size, but if you are too busy to do that, you can send a sample shirt (the courier charges will be credited back to you) or choose from the standard sizes, if size is not an issue. The only issue is the pricing.

Their shirts start at R1600, which is a bit too much if you are looking for regular office wear. What makes Vitruvien worth a try is the fabric. The feel is something you won’t get anywhere. That makes it worth a try.

Price: Rs 1,600 onwards
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