Taking a serious note of the mid-day article, which highlighted the plight of the Border Security Force (BSF) jawans on Ganpati bandobast who have to stay in a mosquito-infested open hall of a Mumbai school, a private company manufacturing mosquito repellents has come forward and distributed the same to the jawans.

Jawans from the two BSF companies, one of which is deployed at the Lalbaugcha Raja, have been given accommodation at a BMC municipal school in Parel. Pics/Bipin Kokate

On Friday, mid-day had done a story (BSF jawans made to sleep on floor in mosquito-infested Mumbai school) in which it was stated that while most of the 200-odd jawans, who were called in for Ganpati devotees' safety, were losing sleep because of the mosquitoes and rainwater seepage, some had even fallen ill and had to be taken to a doctor.

It had also been described how the 200-odd jawans, who are expected to stay alert throughout their long duty hours to ensure the safety of the devotees, were having trouble sleeping every night as the BMC municipal school in Parel, where they have been accommodated, is teeming with mosquitoes.