Gayle stumps Bachchan Sr by gifting him an autographed bat

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan was stumped when he was presented an autographed bat by cricketer Chris Gayle. Bachchan said he is in awe Indian cinema’s reach and that finding a fan in the West Indian cricket star came as a "revelation" to him.

Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle

The 73-year-old took to various social media platforms to express his happiness over getting a token of love from the international batting sensation.

He tweeted: "Mr. Chris Gayle... What an honour... I never knew you would know me... So humbled. We are all great fans of yours! I mean Chris Gayle, a fan of Hindi movies and presents me a golden bat autographed? I mean this is revelation".

Gayle, who plays in the Indian Premier League as well, proclaimed himself to be a big fan of the Bollywood ‘Shahenshah’, who has regaled film buffs for over four decades.

"Proud to gift my Spartan bat to a legend @srbachchan, love his movies and his style, legend. Thanks @spartancricket," Gayle tweeted. After Big B thanked him, Gayle posted: "See you soon in India."

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