George Michael secretly donated 99,000 pounds to Aids charity

George Michael
George Michael

Careless Whispers singer George Michael, who passed away on Christmas last year, donated £99,000 to an Aids charity in Africa after hearing about it on a television show. Omwabini, meaning rescue, provides accommodation and education to 500 children orphaned by Aids in the East African country.

The Reverend Mary Austin, a trustee of the Friends of Omwabini in the UK, made the revelation in a letter to the publishing house. She wrote, "Since the death of George Michael, much has been revealed about his generosity... What hasn't been said is that after a contestant on the show mentioned that he was raising money for a project in West Kenya, Michael got in touch and made a donation of £99,000 to this small organisation, working with victims of HIV/Aids."

Austin said George's 2009 donation made a "huge difference" to the charity. After his death, many of George's secret acts of kindness came to light, including his volunteer work in a homeless shelter, a £25,000 donation to a stranger in debt, and millions of pounds of donations to Childline.

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