Govinda lashes out at David Dhawan: He didn't stand by me in bad times

Once thick as thieves, Govinda and David Dhawan's bond didn't last because director lacked gumption to stand by friend, says actor

Govinda and David Dhawan
Govinda and David Dhawan

They were the hit professional pair of the 1990s, but Govinda and David Dhawan were more. They developed a close friendship while collaborating on 17 films. However, things turned sour after their last outing, 'Partner' (2007). Govinda admits that he fell on hard times, and accuses David of turning his back on him.

In an interview to hitlist while promoting his upcoming home production, 'Aa Gaya Hero', Govinda says, "He worked all his life with me and Salman [Khan], and delivered many hits. He may respect me as an actor, but not as friend. I stood by him when he was down and out, but he didn't do the same."

While Govinda was keen to team up with David again, the director alleges the actor ignored him. "He told my secretary that if there were a small role in a film, he may approach me. 'Govinda asks a lot of unnecessary questions, I don't wish to work with him,' he said. I was taken aback."

Govinda adds that his political stint (he was a member of the Congress party from 2004 to 2008) also took a toll on their bond. "I think the pressure of my participation in politics was getting to him. Perhaps he felt that I would become a liability. Maybe it is his nature to be jealous of those who are more successful than him. That's the nature of the industry. Those who don't have the ability to do well are envious of those who do," says the actor, adding that he has made peace with the circumstance. "It's best that we stay happy in our own space."



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