The armpit debate started when the cover of a fashion magazine recently featured Priyanka Chopra with unbelievably perfect underarms. Social media users slammed it for being “too photoshopped”. To prove the critics wrong, Priyanka put out an image in which she looks  relaxed with her hands outstretched above her head. Her post on a social media platform read: “Here is another ‘pit-stopping’ picture to add to the debate. Will The Real Armpit Please Stand Up. No filter. Armpit diaries.” Your pit stop for fab-looking underarms


>> Avoid using perfumes / fragrance based talc
>> If you are not allergic to deos, use alcohol-free deos
>> Use an antifungal powder such as clotrimazole to prevent fungal infections that can lead to dark underarms
>> Shave with a clean razor that is rinsed in hot water before use to prevent boils
>> Best option is laser hair removal. 8-10 sessions and you are hair free.
>> Use kojic acid and Vitamin C based cream at bedtime if you have dark underarms.
>> You could opt for salicylic acid peels for dark underarms (after checking with your dermatologist)
>> If too pigmented, treat with Q switched NdYag Laser (After consulting with your dermatologist)
>> Do not forget to use an oil-free mosituriser
>> Keep underarms clean and free of perspiration at all times
>> For those who sweat profusely, botox is a great option. It reduces sweating from underarms and keeps it under control for 5 to 6 months and then you have to re-do the botox.
>> Newer radiofrequency devices like sweatex are now being tried and are showing promising results

NOTE: All medical solutions suggestion should be undertaken after consulting your dermatologist/ cosmetologist Dr Jaishree Sharad, CEO, Skinfiniti Aesthetic and Laser Clinic