The core idea of the workout
Brad followed a five-day a week workout routine. The workout plan started 12 weeks prior to the movie filming.
>> The workout sessions were a mix of compound and isolation exercises. In this method, all exercises must be high set with medium to high repetition routines. The idea is to completely tire a body part on one day in a week and then leave it to rest for the remainder of the week.

A still from the soon-to-be-released Brad Pitt film, Fury
A still from the soon-to-be-released Brad Pitt film, Fury

What’s on the menu?
6 eggs, 6 egg whites, 75 gm of oatmeal with raisins. Occasionally Pitt would replace eggs with a protein shake if he had a very tight schedule.

Brad Pitt in a scene from Fury
Brad Pitt in a scene from Fury

Mid-Morning Snack
Tinned Tuna and Whole Wheat Bread
2 chicken breasts, 75-100 gm brown rice or pasta, green vegetables
Mid-afternoon snack (pre workout)
Protein bar, whey protein shake and banana
Post workout
Whey protein shake and banana
Grilled fish or chicken, brown rice or pasta, salad
Late evening snack
Casein protein shake and low fat cottage cheese


Diet plan
A strenuous workout needs a complementary diet plan. To fuel his workout, Pitt made sure that he took a high protein, low carbohydrate healthy diet .
>> Any unhealthy element in the diet can result in a drop in performance. To support such a workout, you should take seven meals a day.
>> Include protein in every meal — be it through supplements or with your diet.
>> Slow release proteins keep the body full for long. Some common sources are cottage cheese, peanut butter, casein, fish, etc.
>> He limited carb intake to below 75 gms a day. This helped his body run on stored fat rather than getting energy from
excess carbs.
>> Pitt had to give up his beloved beer too.

Gym speak
Don’t let gym talk overwhelm you. Let us decode the terms for you:

Gym speak

>> Sets: The number of repetitions of any form of exercise that complete a cycle.
>> Reps: Repetitions.
>> Failure: This might sound as a negative term but is a term associated with pushing your body to the limits. It means repeating any set of exercise to the limit of your muscular strength.