Helen Mirren 'insulted' that her nude pictures weren't leaked!

LONDON: Helen Mirren feels “insulted” that her naked pictures weren’t leaked online. The 69-year-old veteran actress joked that she was upset that she wasn’t chosen as a target, adding that a person wasn’t “anybody if their phone hadn’t been hacked.” The Queen star said that she “desperately” wanted her name to appear in the list of 101 victims, which included Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Cara Delevingne, Kelly Brook and TV presenter Cat Deeley among others.

The Queen
The Queen star said that she desperately wanted her name to appear in the list

Mirren also said that she didn’t understand why people kept their nude images on their phones, adding that the crime was no doubt “offensive, intrusive and insulting.” Mirren’s remarks come after naked photographs and intimate videos of the female celebrities, supposedly stolen by hacking their Apple’s iCloud accounts, were shared on the website 4Chan recently.

Speculations are rife that the celebrities gave up their secret passwords to ‘phishers’ who sent them scam emails, and the FBI is currently trying to trace the hackers.

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