Hoax caller says bomb planted on Mumbai-London flight

Air India is not new to hoax calls but this one sounded more serious comparatively and put the security authorities on high alert. A call was received on Thursday night at the national carrier's office situated near old airport saying that a bomb has been planted in one of the Mumbai-London flights.

Representational pic
Representational pic

The caller identifying herself as Alka Patel said that she was an officer working for the UK transport department and that she got this information from Leicestershire city police station, who in turn was informed by the London police station. The Internet call was received at 8.30 pm by a shift operations manager, who took it up with the police.

"Immediately a Bomb Threat Assessment Committee was formed. Since the caller did not specify any flight in particular and did not meet various other criteria discussed in the meeting, the call was unanimously declared to be non specific and hoax," explained an Airport official, adding that scrutiny at the airport was tightened anyway.

Recent call

May 21, 2016: The Air India call centre in Thane received a threat call and the investigation found the word ‘Delhi’ being used. Hence, the airport at the national capital was alerted.



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