Honest Mumbai airport janitor returns diamond rings worth Rs 40 lakh

Deployed at the CIP lounge, she found the jewellery in the washroom basin and ensured that it reaches its owner

In an exemplary show of honesty, a janitor at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’s Terminal 2 returned a passenger’s four diamond rings worth Rs 40 lakhs. She was rewarded by the Airport Operator and SILA Group, her employer, with Rs 2,000, a certificate and a trophy on November 24.

Suman Dhoiphode being felicitated by SILA Management
Suman Dhoiphode being felicitated by SILA Management

Suman Dhoiphode (37), who works at the CIP Lounge, which is accessible only to first class and business class fliers, found four diamond rings lying inside the washroom’s basin while cleaning it. She couldn’t find the passenger but reported the matter to the Airport Operator.

The passenger, however, while boarding the aircraft, had realized that she had forgotten her rings in the washroom and had notified the ‘Lost and Found’ department via email. The department then took the rings from the janitor and handed them over to the passenger in the flight.

Suman Dhoiphode has been working at the airport since last month
Suman Dhoiphode has been working at the airport since last month

“When the female passenger on October 28 left the washroom to board her flight, I went inside and saw these rings beside the basin. I could make out that the she had left them there since I had checked the place before she went in,” said Suman, who has studied till Std X. She further added, “I am happy that my efforts could make someone get her valuables back. I have always been honest in my work and also teach my children the same.”

The janitor described the jewellery as the shiniest things she has ever seen. Residing on Elphinstone Road, Suman has a family of four with a husband and two children. She has been working ever since she got married to support her family and her husband works in a security company at Grant Road.

Suman started working at the airport last month and bagged a reward from both the Airport Operator for Rs 1,000 as well as SILA Group for Rs 1,000 cash, a certificate and a trophy.

  • Franz30-Nov-2015

    only 2000 Rs for returning property worth 40 lakhs? The owner lady should give her at least 10 thousand as a reward. Shame!

  • Sham30-Nov-2015

    Reward of just Rs 2,000? Honesty certainly deserves a better reward.

  • kranti30-Nov-2015


  • Ritesh30-Nov-2015

    People like Suman Dhoiphode have restored our faith in humanity :-) Cheers to this wonderful woman!

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