Hop, skip, jump... Raima's raring to travel

Nov 15, 2011, 10:03 IST | Hitlist team

She's inherited her parents' love for travel. And so, whenever Raima Sen gets a chance, she takes herself off to explore quaint Indian towns or take in the beauty of cities abroad. The Bong bombshell, who recently made a trip to Nepal with her friends, talks to CS about her wanderlust:

Who: Raima Sen
What: Talking about her wanderlust
Where: At a film studio in Bandra

Group troupe
I love to travel and have indulged quite a bit. Some time back, I went to New York for the New York Film Festival and then extended my stay to visit my friends there and take in some sights as well. As a family, we do quite a lot of vacations together and so I've been to Shillong, Bangkok, Bhutan, London and countless other places with my parents and sister. But I travel a lot in India with my friends. We fly economy class, stay in budget hotels and eat at local dhabas. It's so much fun to manage our money as a group.

Height of things
Though I'm not an adventure sports junkie, we've taken up quite a few adrenaline-pumping activities. In my recent trip to Nepal, the five of us did paragliding together. It was an awesome experience to fly in the air together with all my five friends. Then sometime back when I was in Chicago, I tried skydiving and in New Jersey, at the famous 6 Flags, I sat in the world's highest roller coaster. All this, even though I'm scared of heights! But let me tell you, one ride of the roller coaster and I was hungry for more. It was a truly amazing experience.

On a trail
My one wish is to go backpacking alone, especially to Europe. But my parents are a little sceptical and wouldn't allow me to go on this adventure. However, I know that one day, I will go backpacking alone. I do go on holidays all by myself. At these times, I make sure that my travel arrangements are all well-plannedĀ -- I travel business class and stay in five star hotelsĀ -- this way, my parents live without any worry. But I travel light and never worry if I forget anything back home.

Learning the ropes
Next on my wishlist is a trip to Ibiza. I had planned it with my friends a couple of months back, but had to cancel because of work. They went, and I was left with pictures of their fun holiday. Also, Riya (Sen) has been to Istanbul and she tells me that it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I trust her, and want to go there as soon as possible!

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