Adele's third album, 25, will include tracks where the singer opens up about fears that her happy relationship with boyfriend Simon Konecki will end.

Adele is ready to launch her third album
Adele is ready to launch her third album

The singer has been with Simon Konecki since 2011 and the couple has a baby together. After break-up albums, tracks about her boyfriend will centre on finding 'the one'.

Revealing that Simon had inspired a few songs on the record, she said in an interview that they were about "waiting for him to be horrible, but I don't think he's going to be."

Famous for turning her heartbreak into hits, she said her boyfriend had no problem with her putting the good and the bad of their romance into her music and had given her permission to write about whatever she wanted.

"For my partner to be like 'this is totally you, do whatever you need to do' was quite a ground breaking moment," she admitted.