I am being framed, says singer Ankit Tiwari

The 'Aashiqui 2' singer who has been detained under allegations of rape of an advertising professional says that the charges made by her are false and baseless

Ankit Tiwari, the musician who shot to fame for composing and singing the song, 'Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu', from 'Aashiqui 2', has been arrested by the Versova police under rape charges. His elder brother, Ankur Tiwari, has also been booked for allegedly threatening the victim.

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Ankit Tiwari
Musician Ankit Tiwari was arrested by the Versova police on Thursday.   Pics/Nimesh Dave

On Thursday morning, cops came calling on Ankit’s doorstep. They asked the musician and his brother, Ankur, to come to Versova police station to record their statements. When they reached the police station, Ankit was arrested.

Ankit Tivari's brother Ankur Tiwari got bail on the same day
Ankit Tivari's brother Ankur Tiwari got bail on the same day

The music director’s brother got bail, but Ankit has been sent to police custody till May 12.

Apparently, Ankit was dating an advertising professional and the two wanted to get married. In his statement, Ankit said, “I was seeing her for a year and I even got her to meet my parents. But when we found that she was a divorcee and she had a kid, my parents did not want me to continue with the relationship. I am being framed here. All the charges made by her are false and baseless.”

Lawyer Neeraj Gupta, who is representing both the accused, refuted the charges saying that it was an attempt by the victim to extort money from Ankit. Gupta noted that she wanted his client to pay her Rs 3 crore. “If the victim’s story is true, why was she silent till now? When she learnt that Ankit has made it big, she demanded money from him. But when he refused to pay her, she filed a false complaint against my clients,” he said.

Police inspector Machidra Vadkhe said, “The victim gave her complaint in writing in February to the ACP and the concerned DCP. On that basis, we registered an FIR in March and after verifying the evidence, we arrested him on Thursday.”

The allegation

In her statement, the victim has mentioned that in October 2012, she was introduced to Ankit Tiwari through a common friend.

She says that Ankit sexually assaulted her between October 2012 and December 2013 telling her that he would marry her but he failed to keep his word.

She also claims that Ankit’s brother, Ankur, threatened her with a knife and asked her to stay away from his brother.

  • Nikita09-May-2014

    Whats wrong with this girl? I feel sorry for the boys. Why is she complaining now? If things didnt work out between them why is she labelling their physical relationship as 'rape'?? this allegation is serious and did she scream or complain when this happened for over a year?? why now??? girl - think again- dont think this sort of allegation is going to get you anywhere. Dont ruin Ankit's life. move on if this didnt work.

  • TGEIndia11-May-2014

    When you give a women a gun with free bullets and licence to kill any one she so wishes, then SHE WILL. and She just did it. Here the Gun is Indian Judiciary, and the bullet is the purely gender biased Anti-Rape Law. And you still think the society will worship women as Goddesses? Not anymore dear... few women misusing the laws, and others not raising their voices (because common she is just a 'women') is making the society loosing all the respects towards women. India Shining... !!!!!

  • su12-May-2014

    She is framing him...................Obviously !!!!! Fox tried hard but when the reward was not apparent the grapes turned ''sour'' !!!!!!!!.She had her own agenda you see !!!!!

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