N Srinivasan wasn't sulking after his stint as International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman was cut short by the new regime of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

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N Srinivasan
N Srinivasan

Yesterday, the BCCI's general body decided to nominate its president Shashank Manohar as India's representative in the ICC. "I am not upset at all," Srinivasan told mid-day yesterday calmly.

"I am enjoying my Diwali at home with my friends and family. I have no issues with anything," he said. Manohar was yesterday nominated for the ICC's most coveted post while Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) president Sharad Pawar would be the alternative choice in his absence.

The ICC chairmanship was the only big post Srinivasan was holding after the Supreme Court forced him to step aside as BCCI president due to conflict of interest issues.

The cement tycoon is still a powerful figure in the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA). On whether his TNCA post is also under threat, Manohar said: "The matter is decided by the Supreme Court. It's not for the board to decide."

Manohar said that he never aspired to be in the ICC. "There is no question of satisfaction because I never aspired for this," he said during the press conference.

The ICC chairman's post has often been viewed as a controversial one with the Big Three cricketing nations — India, Australia and England — having a larger say in the world governing body.

Manohar, however, remained non-committal on making any changes at the ICC. "First, let me go to the ICC. I will answer your question then because I am not in contact with the ICC for the last five years," he said.