Dear Diana,
Last month, my girlfriend told me that she wanted time off. She then wanted to break off with me. It came as a shock to me as I did not see it coming. I did not feel there was something amiss between us. We continued talking for a few days, but then she said we should stop talking and behave like strangers. So I stopped seeing her or calling her. Last week, out of the blue, she messaged me. She said she was sorry for hurting me. I just told her to forget the episode. After that day, she has been messaging me regularly. Often, I feel I should pick up the phone and call her. I just want to speak to her, but I keep wondering what she will think as she had clearly told me to not communicate with her. What should I do?
— Yogesh

DianaIllusration/ Uday Mohite

Dear Yogesh,
She is taking you for granted and you are allowing yourself into that position. When she decided to go her way, you adhered to her diktats. She then goes and breaks it at her convenience. You should have stuck to your guns and not allowed her to have an upperhand. It appears that she wants you to be at her beck and call. When it suits her, you are there for her, or else she would rather do without you. Now she is back in your life and it is highly likely that perhaps she was interested in someone else and things did not work out. It is clear that she now he wants you back in his life. The next time she sends you a text message, tell her you need to speak to her. When she calls you, tell her exactly how you feel. She owes you an explanation. Depending on what she replies, then accordingly take stock of the situation. If she is honest with you and you are willing to forgive and forget, start anew. But if she wants you at her convenience, then it is better that you take a call about being in this relationship.