Ibrahimovic in new Swedish ad featuring 'revamped' national anthem

Zlatan Ibrahimovic apparently appears in a new advertisement for automobile company, Volvo, which also includes a newly-styled national anthem

Stockholm: Swedish striker and national team captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic has reportedly starred in a new advertisement for Swedish manufacturer Volvo Cars, which features a revamped national anthem which Ibrahimovic claims more closely reflects Sweden in 2014.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Pic/AFP

The ad features the Paris Saint Germain player in the far north of Sweden out hunting as well as one scene of him giving his son a haircut, adding that the soundtrack is a reworked version of the Swedish national anthem ''Du Gamla, Du Fria'' and has been composed together with Max Martin, a well-known music producer in Sweden.

According to The Local, Ibrahimovic said that the ad shows how Sweden would look in 2014, adding that although he is not a natural Swedish with his Muslim father from Bosnia and Catholic mother from Croatia, he is proud of being a Swedish citizen.

Ibrahimovic has in the past been criticized for not singing the national anthem when it is played prior to international matches and he explained that he preferred to stay silent as it never struck him to sing the words, adding that the old anthem was long and boring.

Explaining the choice of Ibrahimovic for the new campaign, Volvo stated that despite being part of the global world, they find comfort, strength and inspiration for which they have shared their love for the country with one of their greatest heroes Ibrahimovic.

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