ICC World Cup: Ticket-holders for India-Pak game may not turn up

Feb 09, 2015, 08:33 IST | Gaurav Joshi

Sydney: The World Cup blockbuster match between India and Pakistan in Adelaide next Sunday might be officially sold out, but expensive flights and over-priced hotels could potentially mean more than 1000 people will not travel to Adelaide despite getting their hands on match tickets.

It is predicted that 20,000 Indian supporters out of the 50,000 ticket holders for the match are expected to flock to Adelaide from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

But while most booked their hotels and flights at the time of purchasing their tickets, others who waited have had to deal with over-priced hotel rooms and extraordinary flight prices from adjacent cities.

Return flights from Adelaide to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane cost AUD 300, but on the weekend of the match, they are peaking at over $800.

"We purchased our ticket long ago, but with prices close to $1000, it is difficult to take our family. In $800 we can find tickets to India and back. I understand the demand, but I know at least 100 people who are not going because of flight prices," said Hrishikesh Patel from the suburb of Parramatta in Sydney.

Hotel prices are dramatically skewed over 'The' weekend. A standard room at a budget hotel is now over $250 rather than $100.

According to locals in Adelaide, rooms are available but have been put on hold to provide for last-minute influx of tourists that are expected for the match on Sunday.

When an Australian Football League (AFL) team from Perth or Adelaide makes it to the Grand Final in Melbourne, local airlines normally organise extra flights to ensure all supporters can arrive in Melbourne.

India and Pakistan match is the grand spectacle of the World Cup and if we see empty seats at the ground, it could be a major talking point.

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