Former Test umpire Daryl Harper, who was forced into premature retirement earlier this year in the West Indies, said India's ludicrous refusal to use cricket's electronic eye is a calculated move to preserve a successful approach to over-appealing that is neutralised by technology.

Daryl Harper

"The ICC is doing no controlling and the rest of the world is being held to ransom. The man on the street is asking how can the ICC allows this to continue," he said.

"If you get one wrong in this format it can't be rectified. It is a ludicrous situation, which makes every situation magnified. It is very frustrating," said the Australian, who retired from the ICC elite panel after 95 Tests and 175 one-day internationals in June.

Harper feels that Indian cricket board's argument that the technology isn't fool proof is a lowest common denominator argument. 

"The technology is not 100 per cent accurate but it never will be. It is not perfect but it is a step in the right direction," Harper was quoted as saying by Adelaide Now.