Indian Air Force aircraft makes emergency landing at Mumbai airport

Aug 01, 2015, 19:51 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Mumbai: Indian Air force flight VUMAF – H1530 (Flight type – AX8) that arrived Mumbai airport from Chennai and was scheduled to depart for Delhi with two pilots, at about 4.04 pm made an emergency landing at the city airport. Full emergency was declared at around 4.11 pm due to their doubt that the right side the engine caught fire.

Indian Air force flight VUMAF – H1530 (Flight type – AX8)

"The pilots were of the view that their engine had caught fire, due to this they informed the ATC and airport officials after which all necessary arrangements were made,” said an Airport Official. 

All preparations at the runway were made for the aircraft to land on emergency basis.   The flight however landed safely at about 4.20 pm in 09/27 runway and was made to park in the hanger. According to airport sources this IAF aircraft had a total five people were present in the flight.  These included two crewmembers and technicians. 

When a full emergency is declared, fire brigades, ambulances, Central Industrial Security Force personnel, and airport and airline staff ready themselves for the landing of the aircraft. After the personnel were deployed with the medical arrangements the aircraft was able to land safely at the city airport.

“The flight made a safe landing and is parked. However, the time of its departure isn’t known till now. As a result of this the aircraft is currently parked in Air Force Hanger,” said a senior Airport Official.

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