Indian-origin teacher's jugaad: 2.5L pounds house sold for 2 pounds to avoid eviction

London: A 43-year-old Indian-origin teacher in the UK has sold her home, which has a market value of £250,000 for a token £2 to ensure that she cannot be evicted from the property.

Rekha Patel has been locked in a feud with her neighbour over some building work dating back six years on the home. She spent £200,000 buying the dilapidated two-bedroom cottage in 2010 in Simmondley village in Glossop and turning it into her dream home.

A court order had directed that the home be sold to recover legal fees and costs of around £76,000. "I realised I will have more rights as a tenant than the owner. So, I decided to sever all legal ties with the house in order to live in peace in my own home," she said.

She sold the home, built in the early 18th century, to two private companies recently and has signed a 10-year tenancy agreement with them to carry on living in the property for a monthly rent of £50.

Patel, who was born in the UK to an Indian family from Navsari in Gujarat, got embroiled in a dispute with her next door neighbour over some roof stones that got damaged during renovation work on the two-bedroom house.

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