IPL spot-fixing: Audio recordings of controversial people are attained

Although the Justice Mudgal Committee reportedly stopped the audio recording at certain stage while interviewing those deposing before them, Nilay Dutta, one of the three members of the committee probing the Indian Premier League (IPL) spot fixing and betting scandal, said they have audio recordings of all "controversial" people involved in the case.

Over 50 people were interviewed by the Mudgal Committee before the probe panel submitted its report to the Supreme Court. "We are in the possession of audio recordings of all controversial people. Also those named in the sealed envelope have given audio recordings of their statements," Dutta said yesterday.

Dutta, however, said the Committee do not have the audio recordings of Chennai police and IPS officer G Sampath Kumar, who was probing the IPL betting scandal as 'Q' branch SP before it was handed over to the CBI.

Written statements
"The audio recording of Chennai police was not done because they gave written statements. Since a few police officials have given written statements, it was not necessary to have their audio recordings.

"IPS officer G Sampath Kumar is among the few whose audio recordings we don't have," said Dutta.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court yesterday decided to appoint an amicus curae, a lawyer who is not part of the case, to report to them of transcripts and recordings of the depositions to the Mudgal committee.

"We have not yet received the court order. Once we get the copy of it, we will decide the appointment of amicus curae, whose job will be to deal with us and share the recordings of the people who deposed before us," said Mukul Mudgal from New Delhi.

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