Actress talks about falling in love with husband Johnny Depp, escaping the limelight and her upcoming film

We get chatty with Johny Depp's French pop singer-actor wife Vanessa Paradis who stars in the upcoming release, Heartbreaker.

How does it feel to be a better half of one of the most prolific actors and a desirable man?
It feels absolutely great. I remember the first time I saw Johnny; I was completely struck and bitten by the love bug. It was love at first sight. He is a loving husband.

How do you and Johnny manage to escape from all the attention?
Well, we have a private island in the Caribbean which is called the 'f**k off island'. So when things just get too worked up, we just chill out there. (Laughs)

What have you heard about Bollywood?
I have heard quite a bit about it. I feel Hollywood and Bollywood are getting closer as a lot of technicians from Hollywood are working in Bollywood.

Any plans of starring opposite Johnny soon?
Yes, we will soon start shooting for our latest film, My American Lover.

Heartbreaker is your first film to be releasing in India. Anxious?
I am a bit nervous but nevertheless there are a lot of Hollywood fans in India who would definitely enjoy the film. Moreover, the film is also dubbed in English.

Tell us about your role in Heartbreaker? How was the experience?
My role (Juliette) is the girl who seems to have it all, riches that enables her to stay in plush hotels in Monaco, the perfect man and a sweet, demure personality. However my character is not the most attractive thing of the project. It was a great experience, as I had never done a romantic comedy. Moreover, the script was overwhelming. The script made me laugh I was charmed!