It wasn't easy for Warne to woo Hurley!

It's not been an easy ride for spin legend Shane Warne to win over model-turned-actress Elizabeth Hurley. Here's some indication why...

Love on Course: Shane Warne kisses Elizabeth Hurley during a golf
tournament in Scotland on Saturday.
PICs/Getty Images

July 2010 to Oct 2011
The romantic saga

>> Jul 2010:
They meet at an English racing event.

>> Oct 2010: They begin to flirt on Twitter. On Oct 19, Hurley asks Warne to post a photo of himself in his underwear. This is followed by a series of tweets.

>> Nov 2010: Sparks fly as Warne interviews Hurley on his chat show 'Warnie'.

>> Dec 2010: Elizabeth Hurley confirms that her marriage with Arun Nayar is over following the release of images of her kissing Warne. Subsequently, Warne says via his Twitter account that he had split with wife Simone a few months back.

>> Dec 2010: The Daily Telegraph reports that an angry Hurley dumps Warne after learning he had sent lewd text messages to a married Australian woman. Warne goes into a depressive state, tweets: "The journey of life is about riding its ups/downs. We are all childish, immature at times. It's about how you bounce back when things are tough."

>> Jan 2011: The romance resumes over Twitter. Warne initiates a conversation, asking if she had new year resolutions.

>> Feb 2011: The Daily Star reports that Warne was two-timing London-based Aussie porn star Chloe Conrad with Hurley. Both Warne and Hurley rubbish the newspaper reports and carry on dating.

>> Apr 2011: Hurley travels to India to support Warne during IPL Season-4. The couple is photographed kissing in public, making the relationship official.  

>> Sept 2011: In an interview to The Australian, Warne says, "I think Liz is annoyed about reports that she's the person who's changed me."

>> Sept 2011: Warne, having lost 22 pounds, tells a radio station the "radiant glow" of love might have something to do with the change in his looks. "Being in love with somebody is a wonderful feeling. I am lucky to have met Elizabeth...," said Warne.

>> Sept 2011: On Friday evening (Sept 30), Warne proposes to Hurley after a romantic dinner.

>> Oct 2011: On Saturday morning (Oct 1), Hurley shows off her giant engagement ring while the
couple were pictured at a golf course in Scotland.

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