It's raining art this Inktober

Oct 08, 2017, 17:46 IST | Team SMD

It's Inktober and artists all over the world will be abiding by the "31 days, 31 drawings" challenge. We picked out a few artists you need to start following on Instagram now, to get that daily dose of beauty

Daniel Landerman @daniel_landerman
Daniel's timelapse videos show him sketching an entire piece of art. We love his comic book style sketches. His shading technique will leave you astounded.

Daniel Landerman

Lorraine Fernandes @culturecrow
We loved this Goan artist's sketches for their laidback and whimsical style. Her artwork will transport you to a different place.  

Lorraine Fernandes

Charles Lister @charleslister
Lister's attention to detail is stuff that genius is made of. His sketches are minutely penciled in and had us gasping.

Charles Lister

Anirban Ghosh @anirban_ghosh
Ghosh's sketches which draw an animal's head over a human body are full of character and we can't wait to see how his month goes.

Anirban Ghosh

What is Inktober?
Utah-based illustrator Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his "inking skills and develop positive drawing habits". Since then every year, artists all over the world take on the challenge.


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