Jennifer Lopez says gay aunt 'would be proud of her'

Washington: Jennifer Lopez who recently received the top honor at the 25th annual GLAAD Media Awards opened up about her gay aunt Tia Marisa and said that she would be so proud of her.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez. Pic/Santa Banta 

The 'Wedding Planner' star who co- produced 'The Fosters' asserted that she always felt incredible love for the LGBT community and the community had always supported her and returned that love, Us magazine reported.

The 44-year-old singer added that it was this reason she produced the American drama series 'The Fosters' and her aunt was another reason why she did it. Lopez said that Marisa was her cool aunt, who lived in Manhattan, while she lived in the Bronx.

She said that her aunt wanted to become an actress and that she always wanted to be like her. The songstress further added that Marisa was gay at a time when life could be very difficult and her aunt kept all her struggles to herself.

The popstar said that it wasn't until she got older that she came to know and appreciate the difficulties Marisa dealt with and the struggles that her community faces.

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